We offer the opportunity for you or your group to experience making beautiful objects of glass. The following lessons are currently available:

  • Blow your own glass ornament – $30
  • Make your own glass flowers – $30
  • Blow your own glass pumpkin – $60
  • Blow your own drinking glass – $60

Please contact us at glass@newtempleglassworks.com or 603-582-0655 to schedule a time.

All classes include instruction and assistance, tools, color, and safety equipment.

Please note that anything made in the hot shop must be annealed (cooled slowly) before it can be picked up or shipped. Items are usually ready the next day or can be shipped for an extra fee.

During a lesson, you will be working in a fast paced, hot environment, so it is important to dress appropriately. Please wear cotton or other non-flammable cloth (i.e. avoid synthetic material, fringe, etc.) Closed-toe shoes only.